Blogging; it’s all about stress, self-esteem, mammon and identity.

Svenska Dagbladet caught quickly the latest news in the technological blog world about how blogging leads to stress and can end up in death. The New York Times technology edition addressed blogging, and the blogging lifestyle as a potential dangerous activity. A couple of people died most probably as a direct result from their intensive lifestyle. Svenskan conclude their analysis with some clear pointers addressing how the world of blogging is actually a high risk phenomenon.

The constant flow of information, the need to always be on top of things and the sheer (financial) value of being first out on the internet with the latest issues creates an inhuman environment which deteriorate life quality to the max.

The blog world and people’s response to it is in a way attractive; some makes the big bucks (maybe tens of thousands of blogger make their living this way) – they are driven by the money. One minute can make the difference between a so-so pay of a coupe of dollars or fixing your rent for the month.

The most famous Swedish blogger is found in Stockholm (where I am located) her blog is called Blondinbella, She is a 17 year old girl describing her life in the city of Stockholm. I am happy that she has experienced a breakthrough in the world of blogging. However, I wonder how her life will develop under the pressure of having to deliver and produce thoughts, ideas, experiences, articles and somehow function as a role model for other young girls whom devour her blogs. The media is on top of things and does everything possible to market this young woman.

My hope (and prayer) is that she won’t be appeased by the attention she is getting and that she will not loose herself in the midst of it. Because that’s another side to the story; let’s be honest; it is also about self-esteem and identity!

Too many of us “out there” look for confirmation, affirmation, and identity. (By the way, I am only a beginner and do not have the ambition to become “a someone” in the, although I hope that my thoughts and ideas might somehow create spin-offs leading people to think about the purpose of life).

Just imagine how wonderful it must be to be acknowledged, seen, quoted and admired for all those who might have inner struggles with questions about their purpose of life, their identity and self-esteem. I am afraid that for many it will become yet another disappointment and illusion of yet other scatted dreams. It might become the drug and create co-dependency in a world where many are looking for thrills in their lives to find some satisfaction.

So, as I finish my blogging today, I remind you to be careful out there… don’t let a world of illusion rob you from your peace, rest and true identity. You’re loved for who you are… not for what you produce!

Hope to hear from you!



3 responses to “Blogging; it’s all about stress, self-esteem, mammon and identity.

  1. Hey there! 🙂

    While I agree with most of what is said above I would also like to add and point to another dimension of blogging. In the field of Human Rights, which I’m involved in, blogging as an instrument to promote human freedoms and solidarity has grown remarkably through the last couple of years. For the better and in the most positive sense for people. Rather than using it with the purpose of boosting ones own self-esteem (that is very much the case/norm ) a lot of engaged people from different professions and backgrounds instead use blogging in a million of creative ways to fight for justice among the poor and suffering, freedom of speech and information. Also, while blogging in the western world is mostly, probably seen as an everyday luxure -the ability to write, design and express yourself, often in countries where people suffer under political oppression, blogging becomes a mean of expressing ones true identity. It has its pros and cons, most definitely. However, it is an incredible opportunity for people to use blogging as a tool in spreading knowledge about human rights violations, spuring creativity and hope among human rights workers and looking to cooperate across borders.
    /God bless’

  2. Hi Heléne! You are absolutely right! Thanks for your reply and your explanation how blogs can be used to make lasting differences. Personally I would like to use it that way too!

    Thanks and God bless you,

  3. I think you do! On and off the internet 🙂 Your work with the manifestation being one of the more public ones. Well done faithful servant. Jesus was surely manifested TO the city.

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