Manifesting Jesus in Stockholm on May 3 – for or against?

Jesus manifestation

Preparations have gone on for a long time; one of my best friends has taken the responsibility to take care of all the practical arrangements of this Jesus manifestation in our capitol city. Intercessors have been praying for the event (because that what it is), and have prayed on the 7 squares where meetings will be held simultaneously from 12.00 -14.00 on that Saturday. From three of these squares, marches will be organized and they will at 15.00 converge at “Kungsträdgården” the “garden of the king” in the center of the city. Here we will have a worship service with many of the participants.

Much can be said about this day, opinions about it differ, and some lock themselves in opposite camps trying to sell the idea or telling how things should be done differently.


  • I rejoice, not because I find this the most effective and appropriate way to let the people in Sweden know that we as Christian Church exist. But because we are uniting around Jesus Christ and Who He is! The testimony of the attributes of Jesus will be addressed on every square and different churches and groups will somehow be a reflection of the richness and diversity of God Himself and His mind-boggling creation!
  • I rejoice because of the many different ethnic and international groups of believers who will join hands and hearts to proclaim Jesus as Lord!
  • I rejoice because we are doing something! Many of those who are against this kind of manifestation have opinions on what to do, and how to do it. Let’s be honest; they are not particularly known of doing anything at all in regards of furthering the Gospel in our nation!

On Saturday I will be on Sergelstorg, the infamous square in the heart of the city where drug pushers, addicts and many marginalized people hang out mixing with the crowd about to add yet another token on their totem of consumerism as they populate the stores in the center.

On the surface this same square seems to reflect the very heart disease our city is suffering from; a city seemingly filled with people with hearts of stone, indifference and independency… yet, as one comes beyond the facades one finds true people with true issues and questions looking for true answers. (By the way it was on this square that New Life Church was born, the church of which I am one of the pastors.

I am looking forward to my time on that square that day. Together with four other churches we have been asked to present a 2-hour program. Our heart goes out to those who have not heard, nor felt the Good News. We will try to present the Gospel in a relevant way and invite people for prayer, we will serve them the world famous “FIKA” (coffee with buns) for free and be there for them. Please come along, or pray that people will meet Jesus that day! As long as others philosophize about what to do I will together with thousands of others do my little part in this way, this day, this time…

That’s the Way I see it!


6 responses to “Manifesting Jesus in Stockholm on May 3 – for or against?

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  2. Yes! The visible and irresistible love of Jesus to our city!!! Go with the power of the Holy Spirit, my brothers and sisters, on this day May 3, a new wave of the Good News breaks across Stockholm! Only wish I were there, but I am in spirit. Special anointing on all the public squares, especially our beloved Sergels Torg!

  3. Stewart, Thanks so much for all the support from a distance! I will be looking forwrd to seeing you here; standing shoulder to shoulder as we face the challenge to touch our world with hope!
    God bless you! John

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  5. Hi there.
    I am not a christian but i went to the Concert in Stockholm City about jesus manifestation.
    I was so touched by the song, i love the song sang by them so much.
    Can someone tell me where i can listen to those songs again? Your replies will be much appreciated

  6. Hi there Domo thank you so much for your comment… I have tried to write an e-mail to your other address but it came back. I’ll try it one more time… If you do not receive it from me, please send me a mail to:

    Hpe to hear from you soon, John

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