Jesusmanifestationen in Stockholm…

I had the privilege to be part of the Jesusmanifestation… I was part of this day together with leaders and members from Korskyrkan, Vineyard, Tomaskyrkan and Petruskyrkan and our own church New Life as we met at Sergelstorg. See picture:

I had the privilege to lead the two-hour meeting on the infamous Sergelstorg where according to the Christian daily paper DAGEN 90% of Stockholm’s drugs exchange hands (pockets, mouths) or pass through. I told the audience (up to 2500 people) that the name “Jesusmanifestationen” was well-chosen because Jesus is able to manifest Himself and is still doing that as He is walking the streets of our beloved city Stockholm…

Musicians, gospel singers, a worship team, pastors and other people telling their stories of how Jesus had become real in their lives and the wonderful presence of Christians and non-Christians created a familiar atmosphere where many people stayed for long periods of time, sometimes maybe almost against their inclination… Yet they stayed… could it have been because the Holy Spirit was there and intercessors had prepared the ground?! (Thank you God!)

People were invited to receive prayer at the back of a truck which was dividing the stage from the people.. small trickles of people came for prayer… for different needs. At the end of the two hour meeting (divided in 3 sections of 40 minutes each) I felt the urge of the Holy Spirit to invite people forward to the stage as intercessors gathered… each of the 20 intercessors was busy praying for people who came forward to be prayed for (according to Dagen’s journalist).

What can one say about the manifestation… The press in the nation shows the importance of this event by its sheer absence (only Svenska Dagbladet wrote a small article about it).

I preached today in our church and said. “The only sin left in the Western world, and especially in Sweden is the sin of intolerance. “Diversity,” we are told, is the source of our strength”.

The absence of the press proofs another thing to me: In our pluralistic society we have to respect the “cultural diversity” of all peoples except those who keep Christ in the center of their lives!

Honestly, in the sermon (which you might be able to listen to via our homepage. I gave a warning in regards to pluralism and the temptation as a church to move the path of tolerance which our society offers us. (I even felt that the letter from the queen encouraged that pluralism which is endorsed by our society).

The church is following that same path and approach about which A.W. Tozer wrote,

“A new set of 10 commandments have been adopted by the neo Christians of our day, ‘Thou shall not disagree’ and a new set of Beatitudes too, “Blessed are they that tolerate everything, for they shall not be made accountable for anything.”

Now then we have the philosophers of our days who can give us tons of reasons not to join these kinds of events…

In an earlier blog about this event I said:

  • I rejoice, not because I find this the most effective and appropriate way to let the people in Sweden know that we as Christian Church exist. But because we are uniting around Jesus Christ and Who He is!
  • I rejoice because we are doing something! Many of those who are against this kind of manifestation have opinions on what to do, and how to do it. Let’s be honest; they are not particularly known of doing anything at all in regards of furthering the Gospel in our nation!

For now, that’s the Way I see it… and just that you know… I will join next time, and another, and another as long as I feel that God is in it!

Enjoy some of the pictures from Bas van den Eijkhof from this event!


For English news read the following


7 responses to “Jesusmanifestationen in Stockholm…

  1. Praise God! I am thrilled to see how you continue to connect with culture on their own “turf”. I also read the newspaper article you linked to in English. I think they missed the point when the stated that the “demonstration… was deemed necessary to boost church membership.”
    It’s not about membership! It’s about JESUS CHRIST!!!

  2. Absolutely wonderful! Jesus is alive in Sweden!

  3. Hallelujah! Rock on Jesus! That sounds amazing!

  4. I’ve always wondered. What encourages ordinary, well educated people to believe in imaginary friends? We live in an economically stable part of the world. We have (compared to many other nations) a well educated youth.
    There should be a strict law that forbids corruption of sane beliefs at a early age. If you left out religion until the age of maybe 18-20 years of age, then people would have a choice and not being suckered into its bullshit. And sorry everyone by the way, I know some of you will find my words offensive. But, religion has outlived its purpose, the need for social control with fear and intimidation has been taken over by the media. There must be other ways of expressing our love for each other than a through some odd beliefs that has one agenda -money. Really strange that a being, all powerful and all knowing like “God” still needs money.

    And again sorry for my ranting, but I really feel that it is my resposibility to at least give people an argument to think about. Since religion recruits people, I must be allowed to speak against this madness. Only fair.

  5. Esa!

    Of course you are allowed to speak up on behalf of your convictions and thoughts! I welcome that! You said: “I’ve always wondered. What encourages ordinary, well educated people to believe in imaginary friends? We live in an economically stable part of the world. We have (compared to many other nations) a well educated youth. There should be a strict law that forbids corruption of sane beliefs at a early age. If you left out religion until the age of maybe 18-20 years of age, then people would have a choice and not being suckered into its bullshit.”

    Your opinion about whether or not someone should be meet beliefs before the age of 18-20 is also based upon a belief. Your conviction is based upon a view you have on reality; this is called a world view. It the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world. “[It’s] any ideology, philosophy, theology, movement or religion that provides an overarching approach to understanding God, the world and man’s relations to God and the world,” says David Noebel, author of Understanding the Times.

    For example, a 2-year-old believes he’s the center of his world, a secular humanist believes that the material world is all that exists, and a Buddhist believes he can be liberated from suffering by self-purification.

    Now it happens that your worldview and mine don’t seem to go hand in hand because someone like me with a biblical worldview believes his primary reason for existence is to love and serve God.

    Whether conscious or subconscious, every person has some type of worldview. A personal worldview is a combination of all you believe to be true, and what you believe becomes the driving force behind every emotion, decision and action. Therefore, it affects your response to every area of life: from philosophy to science, theology and anthropology to economics, law, politics, art and social order — everything.

    If this is true (and I am fully convinced of that) you ask me as a Christian to throw overboard all my convictions and accept your convictions (beliefs, although different). Every single person (including every child) is influenced by different world views that are present in or world. What you ask me (us) to do is to say “welcome” to all other world views and to allow them to form our lives, way of thinking and shaping our priorities and to renounce Christianity as an option. I must say that you either underestimate the influence we all are subjected to in this society based on other world views (beliefs) or might not have understood it that way…
    Thanks for your attention! John

  6. Esa Salminen

    Thanks for the well thought out and written answer. You are of course right.

    Every individual has a right to his or hers beliefs.
    For the most part I have no trouble with accepting other world views. But since our society evolves with social improvements and techonological advancements – so should also religion – evolve. Religion never lives forever, societys fall, nations fall, but the truth is forever.

    One sad fact you pointed out for me quite clearly is that every person has some type of world view. And my view is that the world is built on lies. Everything said and done isn’t true until proven so.

    Our place in the universe is so small, personally I don’t imagine half the people on the world even knows that the universe is endless and does not ever end in either time or space. It only continues to expand into infinity.
    That goes against most religious beliefs since most things in myth has a beginning and a end.

    But then, well, there are new theories around the creation of the universe that the Big Bang has happened before, and will happen again.

    That goes hand in hand with religion.

    One thing I think we can agree on, I could always be wrong. I have no trouble in admitting fault.

    And yeah, i’m “only” 25 years old. I know there is much, much to learn about the world.

    Thanks again for your time, I have no more time to write at the moment. Work calling!

  7. I am glad, Esa, that you said “truth is forever”, I agree totally. I mean there is a Truth, somewhere, above and beyond “religion”…Simply, I would say that this Truth, which we all have stumbled upon at some moment, is personal and has visited us, Jesus of Nazareth said he was this Truth…I myself as well as many others have decided for ourselves as rational creatures that He is exactly that, and so we listen to what He has to say. You put your finger right on the heart of the matter, Esa! Many others have missed that…

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