Daily Archives: June 21, 2008

Warnings for iPhone Porn: A whole new meaning to multi-touch…

The expectations were high rising… finally the new iPhone would be presented (check here and here). However, with every new possibility there are many new challenges to be faced and nothing opens the door to the undesired and untamable more than such a deceiver in disguise; the new iPhone. For the first time ever, people will be able to watch and download their favorite porn videos on a mobile phone without hassle because the content is not going through the service provider; you’re just downloading these porn videos from a website into your iPhone. It couldn’t be easier.

Apple says it will ban pornographic material from the official iPhone App store, an Apple spokeswoman told Time. But with the entirety of the Internet in the palm of your hand, porn will find a way into the device whether Apple likes it or not.

Unfortunately we cannot really grasp the true implications of the accessibility of such material at the touch of a screen. The already broadly spread pest of availability of pornography keeping millions of people in its grip harvesting millions of victims through sex addiction, broken relationships and broken marriages will without a doubt sky-rocket because of the tremendous possibilities of this newest gadget.

There are times when technological development is not equal with success. This is one of those times; the floodgates of smutch and depravity are already wide open. “It is every person’s right to choose how to use their iPhone” we might hear, however to the addict there is no such thing as choice; there is only a compulsive force tearing once identity and life apart!

That’s the Way I see it!