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Oprah, the hip and materialistic Mother Teresa is finally seen for who she is!

Two years ago I addressed the semi-religion approach of Oprah Winfrey and others which are blasting into our living rooms through our TV’s. Her show, on the air in 122 countries, is one of the most influential and appreciated ones throughout the world. In a poll two years ago, 33% of 6,600 respondents said Winfrey had “a more profound impact” on their spiritual lives than their pastors / priests. She is like the hip and materialistic Mother Teresa and named the Fourth person of the Trinity and can do no harm.

Besides her show, her magazine, her charity projects and workshops Oprah developed the “O Groups” which are public or private places where you can connect with others. O Groups are created by you. You start the topics of discussion. You create the groups. Your group leads the discussion. Join an existing group or create one of your own!

Finally America is dealing with the nonsense, semi-religion approach of Oprah who has held a highly exalted position for many years among the American public and in the American churches for too long. The “O” religion as I called it slowly permeated people’s minds and their train of though leading to an attitude of compromise for true Biblical teaching. The fact is that no-one dared to approach and “touch” THE ALMIGHTY “O”!

Now according to the Kansas City daily: “Oprah Winfrey has offended evangelical Christians, and they are fighting back. For the first time, 23 Christian newspapers across the country united for a joint investigative project. Their aim was to explore the spiritual beliefs of the popular entertainment mogul. An article titled “Oprah’s God” ran in all the papers’ May or June issues, along with each one’s local input.” – “Oprah’s theology seems to be a version of America’s secular theology of self-improvement, doing good to others and the prosperity gospel.

The May edition of the O – Oprah magazine called “Welcome to the Banquet” said it all; the smorgasbord approach in regards to the pick and choose religion of Oprah is finally becoming a stumbling block for the religious (note that I did not say “spiritual”) community in the US.

Check the Youtube video visited and watched by 7,142,869 people ( I am one of them)

Here in Sweden we have very similar approaches to a smorgasbord kind of religious outlook on life, many of our churches and people have dabbled for a long time in similar deceptive and confusing issues as they try to be politically correct by removing the issues and doctrines by which our Christian faith is held together. The result of that? It is quite obvious: we see a broken, confused and soil body of believers without directions purpose and meaning! Of course there are pockets of believers whose faith and lives are directed by true discipleship; they will be the remnant which is needed to see a renewal brake fourth in our nation and churches!

That’s the Way I see it!