An invitation to Sven-Gunnar Hultman and Erik Bryskhe

Sven-Gunnar Hultman and Erik Bryskhe tell us in Dagen about their continued efforts to get as many as possible pastors in the Union. What puzzles me about their article is the constant affiliation to having “rights”. I have tried to address the issues involved in two earlier blogs here and here. I want to encourage either one of them to write some responses to my blogs (feel free to write them in Swedish). I am looking forward to hearing from you and until then I remain of the opinion that being a Christian is to learn to lay down ones rights, while at the same time not being used as a doormat.

Until soon, the discussion continues!

John van Dinther

2 responses to “An invitation to Sven-Gunnar Hultman and Erik Bryskhe

  1. Just a question. possibly naive: Isn’t to at least some extent the desire to unionize based on some kind of fear? Yes, so the employer won’t abuse you, but what does that have to do with the Kingdom of God? I am continually intrigued by the extent to which Christians in the affluent Northwest decide, act, react, attack, defend, rally out of some form of fear…Not that we don’t organise ourselves, but do you really and truly believe God when He says “I’ll take care of you”?…

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