The only time I agree with Lennart Koskinen…

Lennart Koskinen stated in a seminar of Dagen on the development of the Church in Sweden: “Ten years from now Christianity will be stronger then today”. This statement I endorse 100%! It is actually the only time that I have agreed with Bishop Lennart Koskinen from the Swedish Church (former State Church).

I do agree with him that there will be a stronger Church in Sweden ten years from now! But it won’t be the Church which he represents. As he made clear earlier he would not like to have “my-kind –of-people” around; people with a strong Biblical conviction and lifestyle. People he considers to be “fundamentalist” because they believe in the Bible as authority for their lives. In an earlier blog I wrote: Christians – in name only! A call to radical Christ following – death to Christendom!” We will in the near future see the death of Christendom as we know it, yet we will see a rise of Bible believing Christians in the near future… How I know: I see the signs of the time as people turn again to God… and (you don’t need to be a prophet to recognize this) the state of the Church I Sweden cannot get much worse… so you don’t need to be a prophet to state that things will change! (See more statistics here).

So I do agree with Lennart on this and continue to not agree on most other things he addresses…(Honestly speaking I don’t think he minds me having these thoughts… He doesn’t even know about them and might not be interested in them anyway).

That’s the Way I see it!



3 responses to “The only time I agree with Lennart Koskinen…

  1. Here’s to the increase of dynamic communities of people of all backgrounds, colors, shapes, sizes, languages and favorite ice cream flavors who as one radical alternative loving society worship the living God in Jesus the Messiah and love the city and town in His name! Yes, any other definition of the “church” is destined to disappear like bicycles without wheels…

  2. Thanks for the data. Do you have any additional data I can share with others here in the US. I will be asking them to pray for Sweden and to pledge their support to Sweden through whatever means they have available to them and to what God places on their heart to do.

  3. I must say I also agree to the Koskinen statement you agree to as well. I didn’t know he does not want “our kind of people” (whatever that means) around. Pity. Because I think the future of the Church of Sweden is in those who want to work together with all Christians. We need eachother.

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