Cut and paste theology – nothing new under the sun!

Many may find the approach of the post-modern, post-Christian person living in 2008 which practices a smorgasbord (pick and choose favorite dishes) in regards to theology difficult to understand. But the truth is (there we have that word again J)… there is nothing new under the sun!

Tomas Jefferson, one of the presidents of the United States compiled his own “wee little book” of 46 pages where he compiled the four Gospels into one text. He literally cut out verses and teachings that liked and placed them all in his book, it was “like finding diamonds in a dunghill” he said.

He literally sifted the Scriptures leaving out every miracle, every inconsistency (in his mind) and of course finishing off with Jesus’ burial rather than the resurrection.

“There is nothing new under the sun”; I have said this now a couple of times. In our world in 2008 we have many people, churches and denominations who sift out the parts of the Bible which are either politically incorrect, sensitive or just too tough to follow.

My stand? Bring it on…, all of it! I struggle with the Word of God, I have parts I strongly dislike, there are verses and stories that cut down to my bones and hurt my inner being, but… as I dare to embrace it, as I dare to face it. It gives me life in spite of the fact that I have to admit that something within me had to die first.

I guess that is what life with God is al about?!

That’s the Way I see it!


3 responses to “Cut and paste theology – nothing new under the sun!

  1. Yes, bring on the God of reality, the Word that shows and deals with reality as it really is…If you want to escape reality somehow (and we all do want to at times), you’ve come to the wrong religion and the wrong God…This one gives you reality at the macro-photo Google-Earth frightening level, the level of the street and the grit…I’ll take it! //stewart

  2. Deuteronomy 32:4 teaches us that God is perfect in all of His ways. In justice, peace, love, judgment, mercy, forgiveness and wrath God will have the last word whether we agree or not, like or not, understand or not. Thank you God for being merciful and full of lovingkindness, lest we all perish at your word!

  3. Cut and paste … its true people pick out what they like and wipe out the rest… how many times havent we heard.. “well, to me God is someone that…”
    The fact is that Gods personality does not make him exist more or less. Therefore one can not say… “how can you believe in a God that does this and that”… because even if God was evil.. it would not affect his existence! So praise the Lord he IS a good and loving God. Amen

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