Obama’s private prayer leaked to the press.

Prayer is a rather private thing… there are of course times of public prayer, other times you pray along with some friends and share some of your deepest thoughts and struggles in your prayer. In our church we have a prayer room, people come and go, some decide to get together to pray for some minutes, sometimes for hours with their friends.  There are times that I hear when someone cries out to the Lord as they seek Him and share private burdens… at those times, I determine to not want to hear and remove myself and others from the closeness of the prayer room to secure the privacy of those praying (some pray really too loud! – you can hardly escape hearing them:).

Anyway, prayer from the heart can be sensitive and we need to respect the sancitity of prayer… Obama during his visit in Israel and Jerusalem prayed at the prayer wall, and like so  many others left his prayers written on a small piece of paper in a crevice between the giant white stones, hewn over 2,000 years ago. Usually those prayers (over one million per year) are collected twice a year and burried at the Mount of Olives. This time an Orthodox Jewish student had other thoughts as he kept watch where Obama had left his prayer note. Right after Obama’s departure, he took the note and went to the Maariv newspaper who publised the note fully.

What he prayed? No use hiding it from you since half of the population of the world can find it on the Net… Obama wrote… The prayer sounds a little like Salomon’s prayer… I hope Obama will receive the same blessing as he!

That’s it for now folks… and remember be wise in what to pray and where to pray those prayers!

God bless you,


5 responses to “Obama’s private prayer leaked to the press.

  1. I’m a little bit afraid of people, stepping into sensitive position of leadership, receiving a ”type” of the blessing of Solomon. I pray Obama’s secret(?) prayer- request to his God will be answered….. A Joseph with the blessing of Solomon, raised up for this season we find our world in.
    Have to check where i pray now!!…thanks John.

  2. Well I hope too Obamas prayer will be heard and answered.
    But I must say, shame upon that student and upon that newspaper. You just do not go and read/publish other peoples private prayers.


  3. Yes, I agree: May his pray be answered, and I believe it will, whenever any of us prays that way…And yes, shame on the newspaper, seeking its 18 minutes of fame in the cybernews world… hey, hope that rocked your world!…Doesn’t take much, apparently…

  4. And also, may his prayer be answered…Thank yu, I mean, you…

  5. Bob van den Eijkhof

    For some reason I choose not to read what he wrote =)

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