Svenska Kyrkan – The Swedish Church – Politics as usual! Please: R.I.P

Svenska Kyrkan is top news again (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). In the “dry-spell of news” during the summer a discussion has blown up again about the acknowledgement and praxis of having same-sex-marriages performed with the Church context. It was ignited because of reaction from representatives of the Anglican Church in England who warn against a potential isolation because of this issue.

The large majority of the Swedish church, with the exception of a minority of local congregations, has lost its spiritual identity since many years ago. I remember discussing the process of the separation of Church and State with students from RMI Bergs the renowned commercial communication school enhancing different disciplines. Students of that school were to develop a marketing plan for the separation of Church and State (at that moment in time until the 1990ties, The Lutheran Church was the State Church).

As a number of their students and I were meeting, I suggested that a big advertisement campaign would be launched with photos and text displaying the funeral of the former State Church with the clear message R.I.P. (Rest In Peace). The students of Bergs were quite excited about that idea, but, as they later met with representatives of the Church, the idea was discarded. It was too radical, and it was probably too painful to admit that the Church needed a death to be able to resurrect.


The problem with the Swedish Church is that it never was separated from the State… It was done in name only and it is therefore that political powers and lobbying organizations like the RFSL do everything within their might to push their political and social agendas. (RFSL—The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights).

I personally look forward to an isolation of the Swedish Church! The Church with an agenda run by politicians and lobbying organizations needs to be isolated from the rest of the “Body of believers” to not spread its unhealthy unbiblical message poisoning the rest of Christianity. You don’t need to be a prophet to be able to “predict” where the Swedish Church is heading… and although there will remain a remnant of faithful and Biblically sound pockets of believers in the different congregations and fellowships, the Church as movement needs to undergo the long awaited and necessary funeral to be able finish the grieving process so that the ones who are still alive will be able to move on.

Without a death and funeral there will be no resurrection and new life! We will continue to see the rise of discussions, dissensions and frustrations as long as we don’t acknowledge the true state of the Swedish Church (and, let me add the spiritual state of many of our other churches as well!) Without that recognition we will continue to use the spiritual arena to fight our political and social battles. Jesus once said to people who were wondering about paying taxes (and fulfilling the obligation as a citizen): (Mark 12: 17) “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”

For me, the idea of being an errand-boy of the State is far removed from my call to be faithful to God as His child, His son and His servant. I am for the implementation of keeping marriage sacred between one man and one woman… and to keep it as sacrament within the church where it belongs. Other, legal and juridical matters should be where they belong; in the hands of our government.

That’s the Way I see it!



6 responses to “Svenska Kyrkan – The Swedish Church – Politics as usual! Please: R.I.P

  1. Tack!
    Och ni som är medlemar i fria kyrkor kan hjälpa oss om ni också har ett medlemskap i svenska kyrkan.

    Frikyrkan skulle faktiskt kunna ta svenska kyrkan ur politikernas händer om de som även är medlemar i svenska kyrkan exempelvis röstade på frimodig kyrka i kyrkovalet till hösten.

  2. Ja; biskoparna måste åter få makten i kyrkan och politikerna fasas ut. Frimodig kyrka är det enda alternativet som vill ta makten från dessa politiker som är med för maktens skull och inte för dess djupa övertygelse, och ge makten åt dem som vill göra Hans vilja. Och som Nineve säger; även för dem som är aktiva i andra kyrkor men fortfarande är medlemmar, gå och rösta, om inte annat så påverkar det som sker Sv K frikyrkorna indirekt.

  3. Är det verkligen etiskt att rösta i frågor som gäller för hur en annan organisation ska tro? Ska ni infiltrera shiaislam också, eller, och buddhistkloster? Sitta där och rösta på att de ska bli hetero?

    Alltså om man är homofob kan man söka sig till skumma frikyrkor av olika slag och lämna Svenska Kyrkan ifred.

    Sedan kan Svenska Kyrkan och div frikyrkor arbeta ekumeniskt i frågor som inte tangerar detta underbara flatande och bögande, och alla blir nöjda!

    Sen i himlen kommer en av två saker hända:
    Antingen så sitter homofoberna där ensamma och myser i Jesu famn,
    eller så kommer även div flator och bögar dit och då kan homofoberna gräma sig för all hot gay action de har missat under årens lopp!
    Men det blir först efter den här världen är slut och fram till dess så kan man låta sina bröder ha grand i sina ögon i fred och koncentrera sig på sina egna bjälkar.

    Lycka till!

  4. Sandra, du har så rätt. Låt oss be för de som inte förstår att hantera sitt kontrollbehov över andra människor ens när det inte handlar om deras egen kyrka.

    Och efter det kan väl du och jag gå med i “new life church” och gosa lite..? 🙂

    • Maja, varför inte vanliga vanilla Svenska Kyrkan? De är väl inte homofober? Eller vad har gosande med bedjandet att göra, det kan vi ju göra måndag till lördag istället.

  5. Amen, John! Good for you for standing firm in the Word of God. I am a fellow believer from Minnesota, USA. My ancestors came from Sweden so I am interested in your country and how Christianity is faring there. I traveled to Europe (although not Sweden) and was sadden by how empty of the Holy Spirit it seemed. Keep on in the faith, brother!


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