Vårdnadsbidrag; conviction, trap or reaction?

The daily Christian paper Dagen and other media (here and here) write about how many parents use the special financial support of 3000 kronor which they can receive during a three year period if they take responsibility and care for their children instead of enrolling them in a pre-school.

There are big differences between the different districts in the greater Stockholm area. As my wife and I raised our children we wanted to remain at home as long as possible with them because of conviction; we wanted to give personal input and time for our children. This time we would never be able to give again in the same way in the latter stages of their lives. Svenska Dagbladet describes the Jenemark family which has a similar approach as ours. In the Stockholm area 7% of the parents have chosen for this opportunity.


The findings also show that in the inner-city area of Stockholm many parents have decided to use this chance, I have to add though that for many people “living in the inner-city implies having a good income”. Many of the inner-city dwellers are high-educated, well paid professionals. They have the possibility and extra resources to make ends meet based on one (higher) salary and the 3000 kronor extra. Many others, middle class families, who might want to use this possibility, will not be able to make ends meet since they might have lower salaries.

The same research shows however that in the (poorer) suburbs many parents take the opportunity which is offered. As I spoke the other day with a person responsible in one of the mentioned suburbs this issue came up.

  • After out talk I considered this issue and realized that many especially Muslim families use this as an opportunity to maintain their traditional / cultural lifestyle where the mother remains home with the children. I find this also to be true among (conscious) Christian families who want to spend more time with their children. However, there is more to it than the eye can see… among the immigrant (Muslim) families it is not the traditional women-trap (as different political parties might call it), there is the segregation trap where women are kept away from society and thus from culture and language learning which enhances the element of isolation.
  • Another element that I consider is that of the strongly secularized (anti-belief) attitude which we find in our schooling system which is a threat to traditional values that many of our immigrants carry with them out of conviction or cultural background. Thus leading them to react against “the way of doing things in Sweden”, pushing them in a fundamental role and position.
  • This is one of the elements that influence the growth of- and return to fundamentalism; the threat of secularism pushes them into the opposite direction further than they have ever experienced before!

That’s the Way I see it!

John van Dinther

2 responses to “Vårdnadsbidrag; conviction, trap or reaction?

  1. Sekularisering kan man ju kalla det om man har ett behov att vara politisk utan att stå för det, eller så kan man ju ge saker dess rätta namn och erkänna att det är en segregationen som vissa svenska höginkomsttagare företrädesvis i innerstaden eller i villaområdena – som du själv, uppenbarligen? – har skapat genom att rösta för sin egen vinning på bekostnad av, exempelvis, fattiga somalier.

    Men det är ju alltid behändigare att skylla på vänstern än att se bjälken i sitt eget öga.

    • Maja! Tack för ditt kommentar! MEN jag förstår absolut inte hur du kommer till slutsatserna som du drar!? Jag kämpar mot segregationen, har alltid gjort det… är pastor i en församling med människor från ungefär 50 nationer, inkl. somalier, som arbetar socialt, med pappersllösa flyktingar, med missbrukare, vi demonstrerar, vi ger, vi öppnar våra hem för gömda flyktingar… Och vi är inte höginkomsttagare. En till kommentar? Mvh John

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