Fight Spiritual and Social Poverty in Sweden!

Research released by World Values Survey (WVS) confirm Göran Skytte’s thesis about the real state of the Swedish citizen in regards to spiritual (and I may add, social) poverty. The results of the research as measured by WVS by grading on axes in the picture below show that we are the most secular and most individualized nation in the world. For some that might be considered a great exploit and shows how we are in control, for me it only shows how far we have fallen from our intended life.  (For more information on World Values click here and here).

We are social and spiritual beings with a need for true community and with a need for purpose and destiny. The assumption that we don’t need anybody and the exalted view on the celebration of independency as if it was a merit only shows our true poverty as we stick our heads into the sand ignoring the reality of life.

The sticking of heads into the sand can be a great way to conceal the tears we are crying as no one knows what is happening down under the surface in the sand. However, it takes a strong person to shed those same tears publically and to admit the need for others and God in ones life.

That’s the Way I see it!



One response to “Fight Spiritual and Social Poverty in Sweden!

  1. With such an over emphasis on “having a personal relationship with Christ” in the West we’ve lost the importance of the “communal relationship with Christ” found in the end of Acts 2. I believe we Christians in the Wst have a lot to learn about faith from our Eastern brothers & sisters in Christ. After all God says (in 1john) you can’t love me if you don’t love the Church family.

    I think this is an issue in the UK as well. But with Sweden being so far ahead in secular thinking, it’s much worse for you. One of my beliefs is that if we can make a difference to this spiritual poverty in Sweden there is hope for the rest of Europe.

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