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Is Fairtrade just Feel-Good-Trade? Questions which needs answers!

Ever since I received a link to the article from the Jubilee Centre in England I have kept the contend of this article to myself since I realize that we are about to open a Fair Trade shop in the city of Stockholm. As a church we have adopted to only serve Fair Trade coffee and tea and so, slowly but surely, we are trying to implement what we believe. Because I am an advocate for justice and righteousness. I quote from their material:

It is unusual for Christians to adopt a skeptical position with regards to Fairtrade. After all, aren’t we supposed to take a stand for justice, righteousness, and fairness? Somewhat expectedly, therefore, our February blog comment questioning the Fairtrade Foundation, reproduced in our quarterly Engage newsletter, has provoked a mixture of disappointment, surprise, and confusion. The plea of one letter writer encapsulates the exasperation felt by many, “I should like to know what the alternative is for those of us who genuinely want to help.”

Helpfully, a report published in February by the Adam Smith Institute, Unfair Trade, provides an answer to this question, first explaining in more detail why, “for all its good intentions, Fairtrade is not fair”:

It is therefore that I want to ask all of you who know more about Fair Trade to check the enclosed information from the Jubilee Centre which I highly respect. Actually, their other material, which is tremendously challenging, has been used by God to help form my thinking and convictions in different areas of life.

So, I ask you to consider the information and to address this issue in depth by giving me your side of the coin, your perspective, and even more so, the information you can give me to help answer the important questions that are asked.

I have not made up my mind about this matter… and am therefore open to any trust-worthy input and source!

I hope you can help me! Is Fair Trade Stockholm interested in answering some of these questions?

John van Dinther