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Today Pride festival for children, tomorrow children’s sex-change?

Dagen reported that the Stockholm Pride festival which also hosts Euro Pride will have this year a focus on children. Fairy tales, music and a worship service for the children are on the program.

Although this might seem “innocent enough”, what is really actually happening is the indoctrination and conditioning of children to a perspective on sexuality that embraces the modern teaching that sexual identity rather than biologically determined, is a preference or a choice with the long lasting consequence that people should be allowed (encouraged) to choose whatever sex they want to be.

You think I am off the wall with my interpretation? What do you think about the following viewpoints of Chuck Colson: ?

“Norman Spack is a pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital. Not long ago, he opened a clinic for what he terms “transgendered” children. Incredibly, he is giving kids as young as seven drugs that delay the onset of puberty—the first step in sex-change surgery when they are older.

Spack injects children with hormone-blocking drugs to prevent them from developing secondary sexual characteristics, like breasts or facial hair. The idea is to give them a few more years to make up their minds if they want to be male—or female.

When these kids hit their teen years, they are given the option of taking cross-hormones for a few years—which will allow them to develop the characteristics of the opposite sex. Tragically, the treatment will condemn these teenagers to lifelong infertility.

Spack appears to think that that is a reasonable trade-off for teens who feel they are trapped in the body of the opposite sex: After all, the cross-hormone treatments will make it easier for them to “pass” as the opposite sex. For instance, men will not grow as tall as they normally would, nor will they develop beards or Adam’s apples.”

I agree with Chuck Colson who says:

“Science and the Bible teach otherwise: God created us male and female in His image. Shots and surgeries and politically correct teachings cannot alter this fundamental truth.

Tragically, some parents are now buying into this false teaching—and allowing their children to undergo destructive treatments.

You and I need to be spreading the word that legitimate treatment is available for people suffering from gender confusion—and it is a treatment that does not sacrifice the well-being of children to the political agendas of adults”.

That’s the Way I see it too!



Guidelines for teenagers who want sex – RFSU hands off!

According to Svenska Dagbladet has the RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) taken the initiative to exhort the Swedish government to form common guidelines for sexuality which are to be applied in the advice and counseling which is given in the 225 centers in the nation where youth can come to receive help and support.

Now up till here I am in agreement with the RFSU (which I seldom am!), I do agree that we need common guidelines in services which we provide on a national level. However, what these guidelines need to address and contain I have many questions about.

The RFSU addresses the fact that the personnel in the different centers implement the constitution which was accepted in 2005 and meant to protect young people from sexual abuse. The law addressed among other things that more situations could be considered rape and that those who had sex with a person under the age of 15 should be more easily convicted for rape. The RFSU tries to bring the application of the law down to questions like: Is it illegal for a 14 and 16 year old to have sex? At the moment parents have the right to know what their children under the age of 18 get for advice / treatment.

My conviction is (based upon their own description of their programs and values) that RFSU is trying to loosen up the principles applied in our legal system and thus breaking down many of the values that might be needed to have a healthy society and family life. One of the convictions they have is the right teenagers have to decide whether and with whom they want sex.

Now, while addressing the inconsequence of praxis in the 225 centers which need common guidelines, I am sure that they have already prepared (as they use to) a set of advices and guidelines which will allow a greater sexual freedom lower in age to facilitate (as they surely will tell us) the needs and wishes that young people today have in regards to their sexuality.

In a few year old study done in the US we can read: Sexually Active Teenagers Are More Likely to Be Depressed and to Attempt Suicide. The present study exam­ines the linkage between teenage sexual activity and emotional health. The findings show that:

When compared to teens who are not sexually active, teenage boys and girls who are sexually active are significantly less likely to be happy and more likely to feel depressed.

When compared to teens who are not sexually active, teenage boys and girls who are sexually active are significantly more likely to attempt suicide.

The fact is that when asked about the timeing of their sexual debut, the teenagers answered the following way:

The survey was funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) and 17 other federal agencies.

What do I want to say with this observation? I do not trust our children in the hands of the RFSU! If we condone or legalize sex between a 14 and 16 year old… what happens if the 14 year old decides to have sex with a 23 year old? Will we suddenly apply other measures, other measuring tools for other ages? Most probably we will see the growth of situations as described in Dagen and Göteborgsposten. The removal of limits (laws, principles, values) will overtime completely destroy the very young people that we as adults are called to protect, develop and support! We will educate our children, as they will have to make their own decisions as time comes. But for now: RFSU – hands off from our kids! That’s the Way I see it!