This blog are the personal reflections of me and do not necessarily express the position of New Life Church.
I am married to my wife Ineke since dec. 12, 1975. I was a Dutch citizen, but became a Swedish citizen in March 2006. Our family (which includes four children) has travelled around the globe but has found a haven (and mission) in Sweden. At the moment we are part of New Life Church in Stockholm, personally I am also involved in a new church plant in Gothenburg.

I have passion for God and people. I will fight against different forms of injustice which will come my way to the best of my ability (many do!) I try to be trustworthy as I believe that I have to practise what I preach to derive authority as a leader. But first of all I’d like to identify myself as a child, a child of God. My prayer is that I will always have a child-like spirit; open to learn, open to be taught, open to be innocent enough to believe that miracles do happen today!

7 responses to “Profile

  1. Great to see you here with a new “trefpunt”, brother, but especially a clear call to live and act!

  2. Good to see that you continue blogging! I always enjoy reading your posts. I gave up on most of the bloggosphere, because I got lost. But it is fun to read posts written by people you know so you can relate to the context and continue discussing in real life. (Or is the whole idea with blogging being available for the whole world lost then…) I also like the clean lay-out and the fancy RSS feed links. Keep up!

  3. please pray our senior fellowship .
    calab ministry in bread of life .
    today need revival and restore..
    to be a church pillar ….
    we need much pray and fastingssssssssss

    blessings carollee

  4. Nice to see you in the blogosphere John! I will check in from time to time here, welcome to have a look at my blog as well. Gerard

  5. Hetty Kuhn de Wette

    Hi John and Ineke!
    I can’t find your email…I wrote it down somewhere but where.If this reaches you let me know.Is your adress still the same in Spanga? Great to reestablish contact!

  6. Hope you will read my blog: .

    God bless,

    Tim Leonard
    High Point, N.C.
    United States

  7. Looking for youth statistics in Sweden, how many proclaim a relationship with Christ and evangelism tactics there for an article we are writing. Can you help?

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