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Is Fairtrade just Feel-Good-Trade? Questions which needs answers!

Ever since I received a link to the article from the Jubilee Centre in England I have kept the contend of this article to myself since I realize that we are about to open a Fair Trade shop in the city of Stockholm. As a church we have adopted to only serve Fair Trade coffee and tea and so, slowly but surely, we are trying to implement what we believe. Because I am an advocate for justice and righteousness. I quote from their material:

It is unusual for Christians to adopt a skeptical position with regards to Fairtrade. After all, aren’t we supposed to take a stand for justice, righteousness, and fairness? Somewhat expectedly, therefore, our February blog comment questioning the Fairtrade Foundation, reproduced in our quarterly Engage newsletter, has provoked a mixture of disappointment, surprise, and confusion. The plea of one letter writer encapsulates the exasperation felt by many, “I should like to know what the alternative is for those of us who genuinely want to help.”

Helpfully, a report published in February by the Adam Smith Institute, Unfair Trade, provides an answer to this question, first explaining in more detail why, “for all its good intentions, Fairtrade is not fair”:

It is therefore that I want to ask all of you who know more about Fair Trade to check the enclosed information from the Jubilee Centre which I highly respect. Actually, their other material, which is tremendously challenging, has been used by God to help form my thinking and convictions in different areas of life.

So, I ask you to consider the information and to address this issue in depth by giving me your side of the coin, your perspective, and even more so, the information you can give me to help answer the important questions that are asked.

I have not made up my mind about this matter… and am therefore open to any trust-worthy input and source!

I hope you can help me! Is Fair Trade Stockholm interested in answering some of these questions?

John van Dinther

A call on pastors not to restrict research to create biological children in laboratories.

The Telegraph addresses the request of a group of influential scientists to not restrict important research… The article goes on to state that this new scientific technique could allow same-sex parents to create their own biological child in a laboratory.

The influential scientists belong to the Hinxton group which is a clearing house, facilitating communication among scientists, policymakers, journal editors and the public about international scientific collaboration in the area of stem cell research. —- They know exactly the implications of the kind of research they want to do:

“Advances in PSC-derived gamete research may facilitate applications directed towards ends that will be socially controversial, such as germ line genetic modification for the correction of disease mutations, introduction of disease resistance, other forms of biological enhancement, increased possibilities for embryo selection or the birth of genetic offspring of same-sex parents.”

The Hinxton group is a well-thought through, strategic and powerful group which has set its agenda to change their (our) world step by step. They are very conscious about the different development in this area throughout the world. They report on country by country in regard to the laws and regulations as they set new goals to get socially controversial proposals accepted.

The whole idea is that of slow adaptation. You remember the story of the boiling frog? (First The phrase was first coined by Roger Ford, columnist for Modern Railways magazine). The boiling frog story states that a frog can be boiled alive if the water is heated slowly enough — it is said that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will never jump out.

The story is generally told in a figurative context, with the upshot being that people should make themselves aware of gradual change lest they suffer a catastrophic loss. Often it is used to illustrate a slippery-slope argument. Among others Al Gore uses the analogy in his presentations and the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”… as a warning against inaction in response to climate change.

Slowly but surely we are enticed by the things the world offers, slowly we can brought into a spirit of slumber which clouds our discernment and perspective. Almost unnoticeable we have become immune to the thoughts and deeds of humankind against their Maker as they want to replace Him with creations of their own. “Creating sperm from female instead of male cells could take longer but was still “possible”, they said.” (This reminds me of Romans 1)

What is my point? It is interesting that the Hinxton group appeals to ministers to not get in the way of this kind of research and development. It is interesting that they realize that this group of people and the people these ministers represent (those made in the image of God) might have a thing or two to say about the way things go in our world!

This leads me to yet another conclusion: Don’t hold back! Keep speaking; keep fighting for that which is righteous and just! Don’t let anyone, anything keep you away to speak light into the darkness! There is power in the appeals and prayers of the righteous. Let us therefore not follow the (politically correct) agenda of the world but be open to speak up on behalf of God, his people and His creation.

This is the Way I see it!


Hello world!

I am found on WordPress.com (as you have already noticed)! Although blogging is not new to me, I had to connect with Dag Selander, a blog nestor, to see the (new) light! The title of the blog “Synergetics” means the world to me…

First, the idea of Synergetics developed as we were looking to describe the wonderful richness of expressions within the Arts during our conference and ministry which we organize in the church where I am one of the pastors.

Secondly, Synergetics is derived from the word”Synergy” which means: “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects”.

Thirdly, life is not compartmentalized; it is a unity of spirit, soul and body… Just imagine how synergetic power can be released as I will address and open up thoughts and convictions on Christ, the Church, Mission, Leadership, Justice and the Arts! And imagine when you, who are reading this, will start interacting and responding to the issues at hand! What a power and force can be released!

Fourthly, Synergetics for me means action. This blog is not meant to be a “think tank” only… actually the fact is that my personality, my drive, my convictions and my visions are at the heart of this blog as I want to be an instrument to “Impact our world with hope”. (Which, incidentally is the mission of New Life church in Stockholm where I am pasturing). There are already too many philosophers and thinkers in our world… my conviction is that we need some doers! (J:T Studd : Just do it!)

I hope that you will find that this blog will help you to keep the fire alive; the fire for Christ, for Justice, for His wonderful Church, for our responsibility for the world we live in and, that you will be willing to take a leadership role in your life, to lead others into that same experience! 

For now, that’s the Way I see it!