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Neverland – ingenmansland

Follow the link to read the Swedish version of Neverland which was published today in “Världen Idag” Other media have written their parts: here, here, here and here.

“Alla försöker att utnyttja hans död men få försöker redovisa en ärlig bild av en man vars liv präglades av brustenhet, identitetskriser och udda utspel”. Läs mer: länk.

Be in touch! John

Michael Jackson died a long time ago… the reality of Neverland!

Thousands of shows, newspapers and articles (here, here, here, here, here, here and here, here and  here)are reporting that 1.6 million people have signed up to be part of the lottery which gives the opportunity to get one of the 11,000 tickets available for the memorial service of Michael Jackson at the Staple Center Arena in Los Angeles tomorrow.

Quite an interest for someone who died a long time ago! The fact is that the Michael which people called the “King of the Pop” was nothing more than a mere empty shell of the true Michael Jackson.

Documentaries, special programs and whole weekend editions in papers and magazines are spend to evaluate Michael’s whereabouts, his accomplishments and his history. Sad to say, but besides his great accomplishments in the music industry, his life has been a gathering of chapters filled with clutter, odd and empty attempts and material describing his (re)creation of his life. In that process of self-re-invention the real Michael got lost and the world has run after an idol which had no life left.

It’s a sad reality when the A, B, and C celebrities of our world become the locus of so many people and their own ambitions and dreams. They are all like lost dreams in paradise, the reality of Neverland! The Neverland’s of so many shattered dreams, desires, and ambitions.

There is a truth in the fact that we become like the idol that we worship; who are you worshipping, or what are you worshipping? Whom or what are you becoming? Michael Jackson died a long time ago… his life has only been an empty shell for many years…

Maybe you and I, and so many more, are indebted to creating that kind of life for celebrities like him whose lives are formed by the very people who worship them…

It is hard to be an idol… It is hard to remain truly human. Maybe we were never intended to ever become objects of worship. Maybe we should worship Him to whom all worship belongs with all out strength, all our hearts and all our souls… to truly become whom we were meant to be. His name? King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ!

That’s the Way I see it!


God of the City! Chris Tomlin

My friend and fellow church planter Douglas Molgaard put this song on one of his blogs some time ago… shortly after our church planting conference in April… The song had been a theme song throughout the conference and it was (is) an important reminder of the fact that our God truly is the God of the city.

A few weeks ago as we were worshipping God on a mountain in Gothenburg, Sweden, we looked out over the city and over the area where we are in the process of planting a New Life church, we sang this same song… While worshipping and declaring the truth of the fact that He is the God of the city through the accomplished work of Jesus Christ on the cross, faith and perspective entered our hearts and minds…

Enjoy this wonderful song and tune in as you worship the God of YOUR CITY!

John van Dinther