Corrosion in subtle ways or just plain lust for power?

In today’s column Göran Skytte writes about Maria Wetterstrand, spokeswoman of the Greens and how she might be Sahlin’s (Social Democrats) worst friend. A few weeks ago Skytte wrote an earlier article in the same spirit just a few weeks ago. The stakes are high in this regard since both parties work together as partners against the other (right wing) coalition.

Different sources (here, here and in a long interview in Fokus) are mentioned as a foundation on which to state that Wetterstrand has the dream to break the power monopoly of the Social Democratic party.

Corrosion in subtle ways?

If the dream is to crush that monopoly, the question is asked why she is gone into as coalition with them? I don’t know the motives at heart of this issue, maybe the strategic drive of the Greens is so strong that a conscious approach this way will allow a long-term bit by bit infiltration through relationship where basic values and viewpoints are being corroded in subtle ways.

This might seem a long shot, but at the same time we see how different other structures and organizations have used and are using similar strategies to reach their long-term goals; think of how Muslim influence has grown questioning and corroding many of the main values we believe in; among them democracy!

Lust for power?

Maybe the lust for power (which the Greens expect through coalition with SD) makes one blind for the things one truly believes in? Let’s face it many people and organizations have paid heavy dues to be able to join in the corridors of the powerful and mighty, the Greens might show to have that same inclination?!

There is nothing new under the sun! Power corrupts and the willingness to compromise to obtain ones futile ambitions is unlimited. We need people who stand for what they value and believe and who are true to their promises. Unfortunately I don’t expect to find that among power driven politicians – the survival of the fittest seems to continue to be their slogan!

That’s the Way I see it!


4 responses to “Corrosion in subtle ways or just plain lust for power?

  1. SD.. är ju förkortningen på Sverige Demokraterna.. vet inte faktiskt vad den riktiga förkortningen är för socialdemokraterna, scd låter inte så bra heller? Men man fattar vilka du syftar på i sammanhanget, om man läser hela artikel vill säga..

    Du får nog vara lite tydligare med vad du menar med Islams agenda.. för att folks ska fatta men jag tror jag vet vad du menar.. Att man nog visar ett annat yttre fasad av öppenhet mot media och så bland Sveriges muslimska, men med en annan riktig agenda kanske sker under ytan.. Men då är det nog bättre att ge exempel på det.. Kanske lite out place det påstående om Islam.. Men jag är också så när jag debatterar, hoppar lite väl mkt ibland.. Det kan du själv bedömma på min blogg. Du kan ju läsa och skriva vad du tycker om min blog (länkad ovan) där jag skriver lite om Gud och sånt.. och annat.. Förästen snygg blog design, din son Mischa som gjort den?

  2. Kommentar funktionen visar = comments so far.. så den kanske inte funkar.. en petitess iofs..

  3. O comments skulle det vart..

  4. Yes, thanks Andreas, Social Demoratic Party I meant! really observant!

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